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User Interface Engineer

As a User Interface Engineer, you'll build the technical foundation to create an extraordinary user experience on Seattle Cannabis Exchange, across our website and mobile apps. You'll work closely with our team of designers to develop new interfaces and interactions. You'll create flexible, reusable front-end abstractions that let us build new features quickly and easily. You'll push code live to production dozens of times a day, and build tools to support a team of technical designers who are doing the same. The products that that you help build will be used by millions of people. Improving our technology platform will continue increasing our impact on the world.


    • Work closely with designers to create the products and interactions that achieve our vision.
    • Build efficient, robust, reusable front-end abstractions that power our website, Android, and iOS apps.
    • Ensure an outstanding user experience with thorough testing and debugging of UIs.
    • Develop and maintain code quality standards and best practices. Enforce standards through regular code reviews.
    • Write and maintain internal tools to help increase developer efficiency and effectiveness.


    • Deep knowledge of web technologies, e.g. HTML, CSS.
    • Deep knowledge of JavaScript frameworks, e.g. jQuery. Experience with pure Javascript is a plus.
    • Experience debugging front-ends across multiple browsers. Experience with UI testing tools.
    • Experience optimizing the speed and performance of websites.
    • Some knowledge of server-side languages and web frameworks. Experience with PHP is a plus.
    • Experience maintaining large and growing code bases in a fast-moving environment is a plus.
    • Interest in staying current with new and evolving web technologies.

Please submit your resume to with the email address being an image so to avoid any bots.