Photo requirements

Photo quality requirements

    1. Every listing must have at least one photo
    2. Listings without accompanying photos are not allowed.

    3. Minimum photo size
    4. Seattle Cannabis exchange requires a minimum length of 600 pixels for the longest side; setting your camera's default to high or medium photo quality will ensure your photos are large enough.

    5. Don't use borders on your photos
    6. Borders aren’t allowed on any of your photos. The only exception is if you have a “natural” border created by photographing your square or rectangular item against a neutral-colored backdrop.

    7. Watermark policy
    8. Watermarks are allowed for ownership and attribution, but not for marketing information, specific details about your item, or customer service. Your watermark should be no bigger than 5% of the total image area, have an opacity of no more than 50%, and never obscure the item. Links are not allowed in watermarks.

    9. No text or artwork on photos
    10. Center the item so that it takes up 80%–90% of the frame, allowing buyers to see every detail.

    11. No text or artwork (such as “Free shipping” or seller logos) may be added to photos
    12. Copy that is essential to your listing should be placed in the item description.

    13. Stock photos cannot be used
    14. Stock photos and catalog images may not be used at any time.