Why SCE Group

Here comes the first wave

Cannabis businesses around the United States and the world isn’t growing. It’s exploding. There are over 1,000 retail cannabis licenses issued in the states of Washington and Colorado in the first year alone. Tens of thousands more are awaiting their licenses. Nearly all of those businesses will be buying and selling multiple products. Something that big, that all-encompassing, that complex doesn’t just constitute an opportunity, it defines a necessity.

The internet is personal

The old way was synonymous with hard to find customers, time consuming sales cycle, and where a sense of distrust was always prevalent. Not to mention some buyers and sellers weren’t very easy to get in contact with, and order or ship when they said they would. Your brand is in your hands. Do something valuable for your customers.

Context is king

If you want to do business with someone you need to know who they are. The internet is always on, always there. The internet is location aware and history aware, and rich with data. The internet is there at the point of inspiration. Success in business demands that you understand, track, respect, and leverage all the context the web brings: Information, time, preference – all of it.

Fulfilling the promise

Revolutions happen because people want to be better. When used well, all of the context and access the internet provides can make the cannabis marketplace more powerful than it was on its own. The new opportunity that has been presented to us isn’t just about commerce, it’s about the opportunity to make things better for those around us. To fulfill marijuana’s true and complete promise, for companies to build the strong and lasting relationships with their customers, partners, and employees you must begin with the action you want to inspire.
And that’s where we come in.

The Seattle Cannabis Exchange Difference

We have build the smartest, most aware, precise, easy-to-use, secure and powerful cannabis marketplace on the planet. Our platform leverages all that is unique about the internet as a channel, and that motivates us to create valuable experiences. We help your products in front of the widest possible audience, and in turn help you find these products no matter where you are.

Buying and selling strategy 1-2-3

Seattle Cannabis Exchange has driven more innovation and helped deliver more value to our customers than anyone else in the cannabis marketplace business. Joining Seattle Cannabis Exchange is one of those rare chances to be at the front of a technology and opportunity with a company that couples the speed-to-innovation of a start-up with the stability and reliability of an enterprise-class technology company. We began by winning the hearts of the leading cannabis businesses in the Seattle area. Now, we serve some of the biggest businesses and most innovative companies in Seattle and Colorado. We are humbled by our customers and are lucky to work with them.

Luckily, This is a shared passion:

    • Small growers and manufacturers love our ability to increase the audience for their product without having to hire another employee.
    • Large growers and manufacturers love our ability to automate the sales and shipping process.
    • Retailer’s love that they can find, compare, and purchase products quickly and in one place.